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The Sixty Percenters

For reasons that I still do not fully understand, I decided one day that I needed several distinct and different 60% mechanical keyboards. Send help. »

PES96 Build Log

If you ask the people I work with, I have a bit of a problem when it comes to keyboards. At least one of my coworkers has threatened an intervention. »

Parse the News

Because I got bored this weekend, I decided to waste some time adding a current events listing to the dodgy file host that I definitely don't run's warrant canary. Prepare »

Updated Quick Storage Stats

Early in September, I wrote Quick Storage Stats, a small post about how I wrote a quick dumpy little script to generate stats for the file host that I frequently »

Anti-Virus Listerinos

I host a useless file uploader that I absolutely do not want associated with my real name so I am not linking it on this blog, but my last several »