Kindle Unlimited and Me

The numbers in this blog are derived from the same source as the information given in this "off-blog" post that couldn't live in the sudo !! space so it »

Books, Books, Books

HEY! I've been working on a post about books, me, and how we relate to each other. Unfortunately, I couldn't put it on this blog, because this blog is not »

Famous Last Words 2: The Return

|13:15:23 ~oxinai | im just going to do some cheesey shit in nginx |13:15:38 ~oxinai | where i pretend there's a subfolder on the blog for that |13: »

Pocket Monsters

I recently moved back into my parents house while I job hunt to help save myself some money and because they let me[^n]. My old room was still available »

It's GIF o'clock

Thanks dawgy. »