The numbers in this blog are derived from the same source as the information given in this "off-blog" post that couldn't live in the sudo !! space so it could keep updating the numbers. To counter that issue for this post, assume all data comes from before December 1st, 2015, so if it conflicts with that post, now you know why. Also, I'm taking a small break from graphs. Expect them in the next book-themed post, I guess?

Kindle Unlimited is a neat service Amazon offers that lets you "borrow" books for $10 per month. You can only have ten books out at once, but you can read more than ten books in a month by returning books you've finished reading. I initially scoffed at the idea of Kindle Unlimited (abbreviated KU for the remainder of this post, probably), until I noticed that more and more of the terrible fantasy novels I had been reading were available to read "free with a subscription". I've been subscribed since mid-November 2014, so let us take a quick[1] look at some fun book-themed numbers.

In 2014, I had less than 90 days of unlimited books for ten dollars (I think I got my first month free?). During that time, I read around $62[1:1] worth of books for basically free. Around 20 books for just under $3.50 per book? Not bad, considering in 2014, the 248 books I had read that year cost me nearly $1365.

That number, by the way, is different[1:2] from the magic chart on the post because I finally remembered to not count the KU books.

That means, to me, a few things. First, that I read some really terrible books[1:3] sometimes. Second, KU is actually super useful to me, considering a host of the books they put in the fantasy genre subheading are the same terrible books I tend to find myself reading.

In 2015, up to December 1st, I read 196 books, with plans on breaking the 200 mark before the new year[1:4]. Since this post ignores December 2015, here are some numbers about the other eleven months:

Kindle Unlimited vs Regular Books, Jan-Nov 2015
KUBooks ReadCost


Come back for the next installment of me talking about books, where I write some garbage about how I read books that are part of a series.

  1. As of Dec. 17th, I hit 200 books in 2015. Go me? ↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎